Frequently Asked Questions- Services

What services do you supply ?

We specialize in creating visuals and editing or retouching of photos / videos for various projects from all varied fields. Indra studios also can provide creative directorial ideas if you are in need of one of our specialists advisers to help guide you through whatever projects you have in mind regarding visual media.

Do you only work with companies in London ?

No we colloborate with companies internationally especially for Video Production.

How much do you charge ?

Prices vary depending on your requirements. We always take our customers budget into consideration and give them the best we can offer.

What happens if I need to cancel to cancel a job or project ?

Cancellation must be made 48hours prior scheduled date which will allow us time to reschedule your project/job.

Do we need to meet ?

For Video Production a meeting is generally best, to make sure everyone is on the same page. For other services we are open to meet prior to job/project but it is not always necessary.

What happens if i don’t like the work you produce ?

We will work with you to find a solution.

How quick is your turnaround time ?

We do have a fast turn around time, however it does depends on the project.


Can I change my studio hire booking time or date ?

Yes but you must notify us at least 48hours before your date.

Can I cancel my studio hire or equipment hire booking ?


Can I arrive early for my studio hire booking to start setting up ?

You may arrive 15mins early to set up.

Does studio hire come with equipment ?

Yes studio hire comes with a variety of equipment. We also offer additional equipment hire.


Who own copyright ?

You own the copyright for any work you produce.

Can Indra use the images or work created ?

We will always ask for your consent.


What is your payment terms ?

We must be paid in full before or on the day of your booking.

What are my options for making payment ?

We accept cash, bank transfer & card.